New but Not New.
Glazed and lightly distressed kitchen cabinets.  These cabinets are perfect for households with young children as they
can get dirty and dinged without noticing.

These kitchen cabinets are frameless construction with maple raised panel doors with an MDF center panel that
ensures panels will not shrink & swell with humidity.  The finish is smooth and easily cleaned with most all purpose
cleansers like 409 or windex.
A Little Rough Around the Edges
Old World Style Kitchen Cabinetry, face frame construction, overlay red oak raised panel doors.  
Van Dyke Brown distressed island with arched doors.  Black distressed bath vanity in red oak &
black distressed office cabinetry in maple.
What's Black, White, Red & Distressed All Over?
This kitchen was designed by Rich Roberts, an Interior Designer based in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  
The cabinetry is virtually the same cabinetry as in the above job but features face frame
construction with inset raised panel doors.  
The Carpenter Shop
"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or
believe to be beautiful. "  William Morris
Copyright The Carpenter Shop, 2009.
358 N. Rockwell Ave., Oklahoma City, OK  73127
Old World Gallery
Painted & Distressed Finishes
A 700 sq. ft. Transformation
Old World Style Kitchen Cabinets, frameless construction, red oak raised panel doors.  This
remodel started out as 5 small rooms including a tiny 8' x 12' galley kitchen.  The homeowner
entertains family quite often and envisioned a space where everyone could congregate and
keep her company while she cooked.  The red arch was not originally meant to be there but a
air conditioning vent going to the upstairs had to remain so these arches and columns were
incorporated into the design.  You may not notice this but in the bottom left hand picture you'll
see beneath the microwave is a countertop that hinges up to reveal a freezer chest.  The
countertop is attached to the freezer chest lid so that you only have to lift up the countertop to
gain access.
Tuscan Colors
This was a kitchen remodel.  It was your typical 1970's style
kitchen with dark cabinets and a soffit.  Now it's an open and
airy Tuscan styled kitchen.
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These kitchen cabinets are
maple raised panel doors
with an MDF center panel.
358 N. Rockwell Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127
(405) 942-2644
Work in Progress
These cabinets are much like the cabinets that appear on this page, (this happens to be our most
popular finish).  But this kitchen features black distressed base cabinets with white distressed upper
cabinets.  The finish is a matte finish.  This also was our first granite job, Santa Cecilia with a 45
degree bevel edge.
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